HOPO exploring international markets, blossoming in America!

Nowadays, more and more famous enterprises in the window and door industry in China begin to go abroad and go to the world.

Taking countries at 35°latitude south and north of climatic zone as the core goal.

As an important leading brand in windows and doors hardware field, HOPO steps to the world stage with innovative technology and precise quality, leading us to be one of the first companies to conquer the international market. Focusing on Asia, America, Australia and countries at 35° latitude south and north as core regions, HOPO has gathered extensive rich experience technicians around the world and committed to the door and window application development in global mainstream market.


New York as the pivot, expanding toward America and Europe.

HOPO (USA) Inc. is located in the world’s capital city of New York, that mainly offers windows and doors fittings and integrated solutions to reach customer demands in America and Europe.

Authenticated member of AAMA and WDDA in USA.

HOPO Inc. has become a certified member of AAMA and WDDA in USA originality, innovation, excellent product quality and performance.


Setting up branches to cover eastern and western markets of the United States.

After several years of growth, HOPO (USA) Inc. not only established the New York headquarter, but also set up branches in Maryland, New Jersey, Las Vegas and other eastern and western markets.


Developing panorama windows and doors hardware system for American market.

HOPO research & development team has entered the USA market and studied local people’s environment, trends in windows and doors sector. In order to implement more satisfying solutions to meet local consumer demands of windows and doors systems, we would use the most advanced scientific research technology. It will provide competitive, innovative products and technical supports for our customers.


HOPO was awarded a special citation for “the most noteworthy brand” at the American Crystal Awards.

In Glass Build America 2017 exhibition, HOPO products were novel and had a sense of visual impact and artistic feeling. HOPO became a bright scenery and absorbed relevant attention from windows and doors industry enterprises, experts and media, which lead us to receive the above mentioned special citation for“the most noteworthy brand” at the American Crystal Awards.


Completed international sales channel planning.

Along with rapid growth in the USA area, this year we are going to open other operation centers in Vietnam, Singapore and Australia. HOPO has basically completed its scheduled plan for new international sales channels.


Change the windows and doors, change the world.

Based on persistence, concentration and innovation of technology, also earnest, preciseness and excellence pursuit of product as well as strict demanding of quality and perfect details, HOPO would do its utmost to provide differentiated competitive solutions to customers and achieve superior performance, excellent functional products to give a marvelous experience to end users. HOPO is making relentless efforts to fulfill its mission of “change windows and doors, change the world”.


Dte:July 4th 2018