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HOPO Inc offers innovative products that will change the market. Our products solve issues that normal windows have. We developed the ideal windows that are perfect for your home or any commercial building. We offer two products called the Sliding Sealing Window and our Outswing Awning Window that has never been seen before. You can [...]

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All HOPO Inc. Of North America products are warranted against material defects in materials and workmanship for the duration of 10 years with a 1 year warranty on the finish, from the date of purchase under basic use and service subject to conditions. The item must be intact from the original location installed with original [...]

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The initial development of the company was powered by the market demand for sliding windows and doors, while European companies had few solutions for it. Rollers for different grooves, various locking solutions for C groove leaf profiles, many flush locks and pull handles have been developed for sliding doors and windows. The smart design of the C groove locking system achieved several solutions, unlockable solution with square spindle handles or folk handles, lockable solution with cylinder for entrance door, pull handle for heavy door solutions, that covered all range of people’s demand for sliding windows and doors. From the cooperation with and services to fabricators, HOPO became the leading brand in this field. Patents have been registered for hundreds of products.


The brochure of HOPO combined functional casement windows, designer humorously, and implicitly enlightens the readers to think, explaining the confidence of innovators. There is no doubt, a difference exists between eastern and western design. However, they both have the identity of combined function and convenient, specifically the persistent pursuit of beauty and art. As the designer said: “Pursuing HOPO is pursuing the extraordinary art life.”


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Turn-out & awning fitting

The strural design of hanging-mechanism for ATA80 ensures that the window sash will never droop or decline in both top-hung and turn-out opening positions with high convenience in operation and long lifespan for the whole window.