Four solutions of HOPO side hung door hardware

/Four solutions of HOPO side hung door hardware

Locking rod with rolling head ALR23

Lock rod with rolling read (ALR23.00.021) The lock rod is a locking device of locking system for windows and doors. The special feature of this device is its rolling sleeve. Design Principle Lock rod is one of the basic part of locking system for windows and doors. Operation device, normal a handle, drives the lock [...]

Adjustable door locking plate ALPD50.07.038

Door locking plate (ALPD50.07.038) has its mounting parts made of zinc alloy, and its plate made of stainless steel SS304. Mounting mechanism The mounting mechanism of the locking plate is designed with a clamping structure. When you want to install the locking plate, you Just clamp the locking plate inside the profile groove, and fix [...]

Multi-points lock SDLH51

Multi-points lock (SDLH51.33.20C38) The multi-points lock is specially designed for high door leafs with aluminium profiles. Features The lock is a narrow frame lock that suitable for aluminium door with narrow profiles. Besides the main locking points on the lock body, the latch bolt and the dead bolt, it can be connected with more locking [...]

Mortise Lock made of Stainless Steel SDL51

Mortise lock (SDL51.32.22C38) is a narrow frame lock, specially designed for doors made of aluminium profiles or other materials with narrow shape. It can use for normal doors made of steel and wood as well. The supporting structures inside the lock is made of zinc ally. The front cover, lock body, and all inside transmission parts are [...]

Knob Cylinder C99

Knob Cylinder (C99.3050C4T029) is a double sides cylinder with a knob inside the door. Usage It is quite inconvenient to use a normal double sides cylinder. You need to lock the door after you come insides the room with key. Your door will be insecure if you forget to lock the cylinder because of its inconvenience, [...]

Self-locked Gear Case AGC40

Self-locked Gear Case AGC40.32.021 The normal passive sash locking solution for double-leafs doors is to make use of shoot bolt with a manual operated shoot bolt driver, locking or unlocking the shoot bolts on top and bottom separately. Nevertheless, when multi-points lock was used on active sash, there was no groove for mounting shoot bolts. [...]

Four solutions of HOPO side-hung door hardware

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There are 4 solutions of HOPO side-hung door solutions, single leaf with mortise lock, single leaf with multi-points lock, double leafs with mortise lock, double leafs with multi-points lock. Inquiry

Column hinge ABH51

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This is made of aluminium and stainless steel. All fixing parts will be concealed into the profile groove after closing.