Specifications of K groove prfiles

//Specifications of K groove prfiles

Specification for casement door with K groove profiles


The key fittings for door with K groove profiles are hinges and locking plates that are stronger than normal fittings, because the fixing part on the frame side are enlarged according the sides of the K groove.

Concealed tilt-turn for K groove profiles


The window can be cleaned in turning position. Ventilation can be achieved in tilt position. Concealed hinges improved the visual appearance of the window. Concealed hinges improved integrity of the sealing system, achieving a better sealing effect. Suitable for K groove profile.

Top-hung casement for K groove profiles


Designed for K groove profile, enhancing a fixing effect of frame parts. Can be opened in both top-hung and side-hung positions. Special designed supporting structure ensures impossible for sinking deformation. Stainless steel sash hinge part increased the reliability of the whole window system.